Evaluating photo quality

The quick way to determine the quality of your photo.
1. In any photo viewing software, zoom into the face of the person in the cutout.
2. Fill the face to the size of your monitor (17" - 22" monitor). Essentially make the size of the face on your screen into the size of the face of the actual size of the cutout.  An average face is about 5" to 8".
3. The way it looks on screen, it VERY close to  how it will print when we produce your cutout.
4. Now stand back about 6ft, since you and others who will view the cutout, will not be 10-12" inches away viewing the face of the cutout.  Most likely they will be 6+ ft away viewing the entire cutout.
5. When you stand back 6ft and view your monitor (face), that is a VERY good representation of how the cutout will look.  
Below is a more detailed explanation 
Average Size Computer Monitor is 10” Tall
Average Size Human Face is around 5” to 8” Tall
Using your own computer photo viewing software (Windows picture viewer,
Apple Iphoto, photoshop, and many others to zoom into the face of your
photo to about the size shown below
If your photo is a full standing image like shown below, you want to zoom into the face so that the actual size shown on your monitor is approximately the size of the person’s face in the real world.

This will give a very accurate representation of how your cutout will look when viewed up close.
If the image looks blurry or pixelated. That is quite normal. Not everyone has PERFECT high resolution, high quality images. In fact, about 90%
of the images we use to produce customer's cutouts are way below what is typically required,
BUT.... Right now, you are viewing this computer screen from 12”-16” away.
Do you stand 12”-16” from when you are looking at someone? Hope not, you close talker.
For a more accurate representation of how your cutout will look, stand back from your monitor about 6ft away and view that face. It will look much better. It all depends on the purpose of your cutout. If it is for a gag gift or party, it will be more than fine.
If you are doing a presentation for an advertising agency on Madison Avenue in NYC for a cosmetic product launch, then it may not be suitable. But in those situations, you would
have already had a professional photographer take specific photos for this purpose while using the highest quality photography equipment & lighting.

Most cutouts are done using photos that are available to them, not shot for that purpose. So we all must use what we have.  Most of the cutouts shown on our gallery page are rated by us at a 5 out of 10.  That is average.  Good enough for party, and when viewed from 6ft away, you would not know any imperfections.  As a comparison, see this link for what we consider a 10 out of 10.  It is extremely rare that any individual would have photos of this type of quality. So when we give a review of a 5 out of 10, you have to understand  that a perfect 10 quality is exactly that. Perfect quality, perfect photography, perfect pose, perfect lighting..all done with professional level equipment and know how.

We do not mind reviewing an image and giving our opinion, but this method is exactly what we do, so by you evaluating this prior to ordering, saves you time and prevents a delay in your turnaround.